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Monday, September 10, 2018

This is it > Save 200$ By Learning! Course Completion Contest

Hey, how are you today?
I hope that everything is fine with you, this is Ashr Educational Engineering Team Leader
Today I have a very special offer for you
The Course Completion Contest - Renewed
Last week we launched the Course Completion Contest, and students are on fire, more than 50 Students completed courses with 100% Completion rate and got to join one of our courses for free as a reward, and now it's your turn.

This is a contest that you can easily enter, you have one of my courses in your courses list and you didn't finish viewing it yet, so this is the best time to finish it and win a very huge reward when you do so.

Contest Rules: 
You have to complete watching any of my courses that you already have, watch all lectures, don't miss a single one, from start to finish so that you can get 100% Completion rate for that course.

Once You do this simple step, you will be eligible for the reward, which is
(Choose any of my courses that you don't yet have) and I will send you a Coupon to join that Course for FREE 100% OFF, You won't have to pay anything, just drop me a message with the name of the course and I will reply back with the Link to Join it for Free

That's your chance to save 200$ by just watching and reviewing a course that you already own 

Note: This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER for the FIRST 20 People to Finish the course and contacts me via messages, so Grab the chance while you still can
Happy Learning!


  1. I had already replied to your announcement in udemy please check and reply

  2. Hello Sir I completed your course "Microcontroller: Use your Skills to Start a Business". I had also reviewed the course, it was good course. Please send me coupon for course "Arduino Step By Step: Your Complete Guide". Thanks a lot in advance